Liam Horatio McAndrews
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Prince, though more commonly thought of as a rogue, Liam Horatio McAndrews. The third son born to Mary and Chadrick McAndrews senior of Ballicastle.


He stands 6' 6", weighing in at 265 lbs. Sun bleached blonde hair is worn long, often loose, hanging just past his broad shoulders. Deep blue eyes often sparkle like the sun glinting off the oceans surface, with amusement or devilment, depending upon his mood, that near roguish smile shows the trademark McAndrew dimples. Muscular body toned from years of working upon the deck of his ship, along side his men. Skin deeply tanned by the element complimented that corn silk colored hair and those dark cobalt blue colored eyes.



Captain of the Revenge, his own personal ship. Admiral of the Royal Fleet of Ballicastle. Working along side his brother, the King, Chadwick, to keep their lands safe by sea. Along with his other brothers, a slew of Irish males with dimpled smiles, bright blue eyes that held a devilish glint. Not in any particular order; Seamus, Micheal, Collin, Jonathan, Joseph, Brian and, Patrick.


His ship is his pride and joy, his love. No woman could replace it's wooden decks and flapping sails when captured by the wind. A free spirit by the most part, though dedicated to his family, their lands, and those of their allies.



Ballicastle holds a formable fleet. Ships always on rotation, following the shorelines to ensure security. Keeping watch over the harbor and sinking any who may attempt harm. A busy trade center, there were many ships that came and went by route of the sea.
A fleet of Spanish ships he had confiscated many years ago, were also utilized in not only the protection of the shores, but in movement of merchandise and passengers.


Danger is sometimes that which he sails into. The vast seas hold the unknown. When not upon the shores of Ballicastle or Heathfield woeing the women folk, he's braving the open ocean and the exotic lands they take them too.
Oh, and those rumors that he has a woman in every port? You know what they say about rumors, don't you?


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